About Us

Syscall7 is a software development and security analysis consulting firm located in the greater Baltimore, MD region.  We specialize in firmware development, system-level software development, and software security analysis.

Meet Our Team

Bill Davis

Bill Davis

Director of Engineering

Dave Shepherd

Dave Shepherd


Anthony DeRosa

Anthony DeRosa


Why we are different

Forward Thinking

By thinking ahead not only do we avoid pitfalls and failures, we are also able to accomplish more through continual innovation.

Problem Solvers

We focus on finding the right solution rather than wanting to prove we are right at all costs.  We are continually open to new ways of thinking.

Agile Ready

By adopting the agile methodology, we accelerate product delivery while minimizing cost.

What We Do

We provide firmware and software development and consulting services at all levels of the software stack, including low level assembly, Linux internals and kernel-level development, custom network protocol development, and system-level C and C++ development on Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, and other proprietary operating systems.

Syscall 7 also has significant experience in software security analysis and vulnerability analysis using tools such as IDA Pro. We have experience analyzing software and systems to identify vulnerabilities and security weaknesses that place the assessed systems at risk for malicious intrusion. This includes both system level software and application software in Windows, Linux, and other proprietary operating systems.

We also have experience in analyzing critical infrastructure devices and industrial control systems such as Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems for vulnerabilities and recommending techniques and methods for mitigating the risks posed by the weaknesses uncovered.

Syscall 7’s aim is to provide subject matter experts who know how to design and implement custom and complex software solutions as well as assess the security posture of systems and software designed by others.