Software Development and Security Research

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Security Research and Development

Syscall 7 knows software security.  We have experience analyzing software and systems to identify vulnerabilities and security weaknesses that place these systems at risk for malicious intrusion.

Software Development

Syscall 7 provides custom computer software development at all levels of the software stack. We have expertise developing at the low level assembly level for architectures such as intel x86, MIPS, PowerPC, ARM, NIOS II, and Microblaze.

Computer Systems Design

Syscall 7 has designed and developed a portable architecture for an embedded, non-multitasking kernel comprising a device driver framework, network stack, and filesystem targeting a variety of custom embedded networking platforms.

Careers at Syscall7

We focus on doing expert development and cultivating expertise in reverse engineering, embedded development and command & control of embedded and remote devices. We are looking for engineers who are leaders in these areas to help us grow.

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